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Sample Advisor Research

Rob Siracusano – (Wells Fargo Advisors IFP) – $12 Million Oppty
Specializes in helping people who experience sudden windfalls (athletes, divorce, lottery). Interest in springboard diving. Southern Illinois Univ. Hall of Fame as a diver. 5’6”. Right handed. Fitness guy. At some point wanted to connect with other athletes (Beach volleyball, cycling, diving, and gymnastics all at some level). Married (in 2007 at least). With one or two kids (unsure). Son’s name is Gabe.

Youtube channel –> highlights kids and fitness. In home weight room. Youtube not updated since 2013. Son’s name is Gabe.
Instagram –> Pics of Gabe high jumping, doing back flips, of family vacation with his wife and son. Snowmobile?

Likely religious. Gabe did a gofundme page for homelessness in Wheaton IL (March 2017) 

Points of connection/Keywords: fitness, diving, sudden windfalls, family, adventure.